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Wilson captured after standoff


By Tom Marshall
Senior Advocate writer

Terry Wilson was apprehended early Monday morning after reportedly engaging authorities in a standoff at the same house where he did so two years earlier.

Wilson, 54, of Owingsville, had allegedly been on the run for a week.
Wilson was captured at 2:18 a.m. after he reportedly barricaded himself inside a house on Stepstone Road in Bath County and allegedly threatened law enforcement with a shotgun, according to Montgomery County Sheriff David Charles.

Wilson reportedly barricaded himself and refused to come out, Charles said. The standoff lasted about two hours, according to the sheriff.
Authorities claim Wilson set fire to the ramshackle home and attempted to flee on foot before being apprehended within moments, the sheriff said.

The home was reportedly destroyed in the fire.
That home, which was reportedly used by the Wilson family for storage, is located next to the home where authorities claim Wilson normally resides, the sheriff said.

Authorities don’t believe Wilson had been staying at the neighboring house for long, Charles told the Advocate.

Wilson reportedly suffered minor burns and was treated at St. Claire Medical Center in Morehead before being lodged at the Rowan County Detention Center, Charles said.

No one in law enforcement was injured, according to the sheriff.
Wilson faces additional charges related to the latest standoff. Those include third-degree arson, nine counts of first-degree wanton endangerment, bail jumping, convicted felon in possession of a firearm and being a persistent felony offender.

Charles said the wanton endangerment charges stem from acts Wilson allegedly took endangering the lives of law enforcement officers at the scene.

Wilson already faced charges in Montgomery County of kidnapping and strangulation involving a previous reported incident.
Authorities allege Wilson cut off his ankle monitor at 3:18 a.m. Nov. 1 at his residence in Bath County and fled. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was notified at 7:45 a.m., Charles said.

Authorities say they searched several homes in Bath County while Wilson was on the run but were unable to locate him until he reportedly returned to the Wilson property on Stepstone Road, the sheriff said.
Charles said authorities are still investigating whether Wilson had any assistance while he was on the run, which could result in others being charged.

The same day Wilson reportedly cut of his ankle monitor and fled he was tried and convicted in absentia in Bath County Circuit Court on charges of convicted felon in possession of a firearm and PFO, first, Charles said.
Authorities allege that Sept. 3, 2019, Wilson bound a woman at a residence on Quisenberry Road in Montgomery County and held her against her will, the Advocate previously reported.

The woman claimed she was allegedly threatened to be raped and killed by Wilson, according to a previous Advocate report.
The victim was taken to Saint Joseph Mount Sterling Hospital for treatment of injuries suffered in the reported attack.

The previous standoff occurred when the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office went to serve a warrant that morning at the same Wilson family house on Stepstone Road.

Wilson was allegedly armed with a shotgun and threatened bodily harm to law enforcement, Charles said previously.
He also reportedly had an “adequate” quantity of ammunition, the sheriff said at the time.

Authorities attempted to negotiate Wilson’s surrender before he reportedly refused to communicate further.
That standoff lasted approximately four hours before law enforcement made a “dynamic entry” to the residence, Charles said previously.
During a dynamic entry authorities use distraction, speed and as many options as possible to subdue the subject, he said.
The incident ended with no injuries to anyone involved.
In both standoffs, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office had jurisdiction in Bath County as part of a jurisdictional agreement known as BACKUPPS.

The program allows authorities from participating agencies to conduct operations in other counties, Charles explained previously.
The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was assisted in the latest standoff by the Bath County Sheriff’s Office, Charles said. He thanked that agency for its assistance.

Charles said this latest incident shows how the BACKUPPS program works successfully to better serve the community.
Wilson is reportedly a multiple convicted felony, according to the sheriff. Wilson was also required to register for lifetime on the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry. Charges from a previous reported incident were sodomy, first-degree; rape, first-degree; and incest, and reportedly involved an 11-year-old victim, authorities say.