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Local couple take on desk project to help students during pandemic


By Tom Marshall
Senior Advocate writer

When Glen and Valerie Scott asked a local youth how they were doing their school work while the local school district is in virtual learning outside the classroom they were troubled by the answer.
“In my bed,” the youth responded.

Glen and Valerie thought that was unfortunate and set their sights on doing something about it.

Since then they have gotten the Dubois Education Committee and Evergreen Baptist Church involved. The Scotts attend Evergreen and Valerie is co-chair of the education committee.

What the group decided to do was provide affordable desks for elementary and middle school age children so they can do their homework during the pandemic when students have been doing much of their work virtually.

“If they’re home, they need to have a good learning environment,” Valerie said.

She said a simple desk where the student can place their laptop computer or books is necessary to meet the educational basics.
“A lot of students are fortunate to have their own desk, but some are not so fortunate,” Valerie said.

She added that it is difficult to find a student sized classroom desk anywhere other than a school.

“Because of the pandemic we felt they needed a better way to study,” Valerie said.

While contemplating what to do about the desk issue, the Scotts learned of an Omaha, Neb., man who started a project to provide young students with a desk to study from during the pandemic. The man’s name is Marcus Holley.

The Scotts began corresponding with Holley late last year and decided to take his concept and apply it here.

Holley provided the Scotts with photos of the desks made there and measurements for them. Glen then established the materials list to be used for construction.

The Dubois Community Center already had chairs that can be used alongside the desks. Chairs will be offered while supplies last, Valerie said.

Glen is making desk kits, which include all the materials, available for $28 each.

Valerie said those who purchase kits will need basic carpentry skills to put them together, but added that some individuals may be able to put them together in 20 minutes or less.

Valerie suggested building them might be a good project for the students to participate in as well. The project is open to the entire community.
Dubois has already received donations to provide for three desks.
Valerie said Glen has agreed to build up to 10 that Dubois and Evergreen will make available to the public for the cost of materials. He’s already started building them in the shop located at his home.

Valerie said an individual has already stepped up to help put the desks together.

Glen, a reserved individual who speaks more so through his actions, Valerie said, was anxious to get involved with the project.
“Glen is extremely talented,” she said. “He’s one of those people who can fix anything. He’s a quiet steward who loves to help people.
“He’s quiet. He’s in the background, but he can get things done,” she added.

Glen serves as a deacon at Evergreen and serves as the caretaker at both Evergreen and the Dubois Community Center. He also works with youths at the church.

Evergreen and Dubois are looking for donations to go toward the purchase of materials for those in need and for paint for those who want them painted. Some letters of support have also been sent to local businesses.

Dubois president Taunya Jones, who Valerie says is artistically gifted, has offered to paint them with positive messages from such figures as Martin Luther King Jr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and W.E.B. Dubois, for instance, added on.

She is not charging for the painting, Valerie said.

Donations can be made via givelify or Dubois Community Center, P.O. Box 1452, Mt. Sterling, Ky., 40353. You can contact Valerie for more information, to arrange a donation or order a kit at valeriekscott@icloud.com. You can also reach Scott at 274-8319 or Jones at 585-8751.