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Local man acts in, provides music for independent film


By Brianna Stephens
Advocate Associate Editor

For Darron Sturgill, being part of a recently released independent film was a humbling experience.

The Mt. Sterling resident acted in and provided music for “Moonbow,” which is based on urban legends centered around Cumberland Falls.
A premiere event for the film was hosted Sept. 18 at The Lyric Theatre in Lexington. Additional screenings are being held across the state as part of a promotional tour.

The horror film follows four local friends who take their co-workers on an overnight trip to see the moonbow, a rainbow that can only be seen during a full moon, according to the film’s website.

During their journey, they discover the “cosmic power” of the moonbow and realize those legends are true.

Sturgill got involved in the film through a co-worker whose husband, William Robert Chadwell, was holding auditions for the film. He was cast for the part of Adam “Podge” Trapper, a member of the group of friends.
When filming began this time last year at Cumberland Falls, Sturgill said the cast was a group of strangers who turned into family and were dedicated to helping the director make “his dreams become a reality.”
“The director had the idea, he got us all together and we pulled through,” Sturgill said. “That together is teamwork.”

The cast members were pushed out of their comfort zones for filming, he said, but each learned how to keep their composure and make the film special despite what they faced.

When it came time to score the film, Sturgill collaborated with the crew to create a fitting soundtrack, which included some of his songs and instrumental tracks, within the film’s budget.

Music is his passion, he said, and something he enjoys writing in his spare time. He described his music style as folk with influences from bands and musicians like Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Christopher King, Blink 182 and others.

Sturgill said he enjoys writing soul felt music to express emotion and feeling and connect with his listeners. He tried to bring those emotional influences into the film through his music to set the tone of the scene, he added.
“I’m not writing stuff that has not happened to me,” Sturgill said.
Sturgill released his first album earlier this year called “Sun Beat and a Heart Light.”

Overall the film has had good feedback, Sturgill said, and he is thankful for the opportunity he had to act and share his music.
“This is one of those things that I’ve wanted for a while, and it happened,” Sturgill said.

For more information about “Moonbow” and where it can be viewed on its tour, go to www.moonbowmovie.com or follow the film on social media.

Sturgill said he is currently working on his second album and an instrumental album on the side. He can be followed on social media and YouTube and his music can be found on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.