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2018-2019, one of the best ever for MCHS sports


By Dan Manley
Advocate Sports Editor

There’s not a lot of historical data at my fingertips to back this up.
Still, I say with complete confidence that the 2018-2019 school yeaår was one of the most memorable, overall, for the Montgomery County High School sports programs.

I can’t report precisely how many student-athletes were on the Kentucky High School Athletic Association’s Academic All-State teams.
There were countless.

If you have a child struggling academically and their not playing a sport, try to get them involved early. That seems to be a strong contributor to academic success.

Please don’t ask me to define the correlation because I don’t want to take up the time or the argument.

The Indians won post-season honors in a number of sports with the boys’ golf team, the boys’ soccer team and the baseball team all winning regional titles.

There were numerous individual regional winners in a variety of sports and a large number of individuals that qualified for state championship events.

The numbers were impressive.

The 2019 graduating class included so many talented athletes in so many different sports.

Jaden Jones made the state tournament in archery.

The baseball team won the regional title with five seniors.

In boys’ basketball, there were seven seniors and six of those seven will play college athletics — three in basketball, two in golf and one in football.

And the list goes on and on and on of successful efforts for MCHS athletes this past year.

The senior class was strong in numbers, strong in talent and strong in leadership.

Eighty seniors participated in interscholastic sporting events this past season.

Consider that the Kentucky High School Athletic Association counts the Montgomery County High School population at 1,296.

There were a number of seniors this season that participated in multiple sports but there were a total of 109 seniors listed on the various rosters.
Luke Fuller, for instance, played on regional championship teams in both golf and baseball and was also a member of the basketball team.

The Eads twins, Jay and Ty, were on both the highly successful football team and shared in the regional championship in baseball.

Justin Korossy had a record-setting football season for the Indians as a running back and made it to the state swimming meet and also ran on the track team.

Montgomery County fielded teams in 24 different sports plus two unified teams.

In the 24 sports there were a total of 538 varsity athletes listed, with 83 of those being seventh and eighth grade students who are eligible to participate at the varsity level in a number of sports.

That meant that there were 455 positions taken up on varsity rosters by high school students and that number included 109 seniors, 85 juniors, 141 sophomores and 120 freshmen.

Eight special needs athletes, along with their teammates from the respective varsity teams, participated in Unified Bowling and Unified Track and Field this past season and they all return for another season.

The next level
One of the most impressive things about the 2019 senior class in terms of athletics is the number of students who will be participating at the collegiate level beginning this fall.

With more and more opportunities in more and more sporting venues, student-athletes are taking advantage of the chance to not only continue participating but in many instances to also receive financial assistance for their college careers because of their athletic abilities.

Sports with most returnees
Among the activities that will have the highest number of returning participants for 2019-2020, assuming they return for another season, will be archery, baseball, girls’ basketball, boys’ and girls’ bowling, girls’ cross country, cheerleading, softball, bass fishing, football, girls’ golf, boys’ soccer, girls’ soccer, boys’ and girls’ swimming, boys’ and girls’ tennis, girls’ track, volleyball and wrestling.

All of those sports, 20 of the 24 where Montgomery County fields teams, will have at least 75 percent of their rosters returning in the upcoming year.

Boys’ basketball, boys’ cross country, boys’ golf and boys’ track and field will have the biggest challenge in terms of numbers following losses due to graduation.

But there is still a void, even in a sport like girls’ basketball, where only one senior graduated.

But that one senior was veteran Makayla Harris, who’ll leave a void in terms of leadership.

The football team will have 22 returning seniors for the 2019 season but the players they lost will leave a huge void, as can be seen in almost every sport.

Coach Chris Shaw and his cheerleading staff return the biggest number, assuming everyone returns and was successful in their tryouts. They lost only two seniors out of 31 on their roster.

The upcoming senior class for 2019-2020 is not as deep as the one that recently graduated but the sophomore and freshmen classes boast a large number of student athletes.

Cheerleading, as mentioned, along with girls’ soccer and football, will have the strongest groups in terms of numbers, that return.

In terms of number of student/athletes on varsity rosters in 2018-19, the line-up looked like this:

Football 83
Cheerleading 31
Girls’ tennis 30
Wrestling 28
Archery 27
Bass fishing 25
Boys’ soccer 24
Softball 23
Girls’ track 23
Baseball 22
Boys’ track 22
Girls’ soccer 20
Boys’ swimming 19
Boys’ tennis 18
Girls’ swimming 17
Boys’ basketball 17
Girls’ bowling 17
Boys’ bowling 16
Volleyball 14
Boys’ golf