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Senior trash rates in county going up


By Tom Marshall
Senior Advocate writer

Montgomery County’s senior citizens will soon be paying an extra $1.60 a month for residential trash pickup service.

That’s part of a new exclusive contract between the county’s fiscal court and Rumpke for residential and commercial solid waste/recycling collection and disposal services.

The fiscal court Tuesday approved the three-year contract with a potential two-year renewal.

It was approved unanimously, but not without complaints from judge-executive Wally Johnson and commissioner Melody Townsend.
Johnson opened the special meeting by telling Rumpke representative Stacey Chambers that he is not happy with the plan to raise senior rates from $9.40 per month to $11.

Townsend said she would have preferred if any increase had to be made it be done so incrementally over time without such a large hike at one time.

Chambers said seniors are 20 percent of Rumpke’s customer base in the county and the increase is needed to offset the growing cost of recycling collection. Rates for recyclable materials are plunging, she said.

The regular residential rate will also increase from $11.75 per month to $12.75 a month under the contract. Commercial rates start at $26 monthly.

The new pact becomes effective July 1.
The area affected includes Jeffersonville, but not the incorporated cities of Mt. Sterling and Camargo.

Rumpke operates a landfill on Orear Road off Levee Road.