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LPC approves revised District Facilities Plan


By Tom Marshall
Senior Advocate writer

A Local Planning Committee approved a revised District Facilities Plan for the Montgomery County School District at a meeting Nov. 1.

That plan would make Montgomery County Intermediate School a primary through fifth grade elementary school. It now houses fifth and sixth grades.

McNabb Middle School would then become a sixth through eighth grade school. The school currently has a vacant wing after a recently completed renovation. It currently houses seventh and eighth grade students.

Camargo, Mt. Sterling and Mapleton elementaries would also house primary through fifth grades under the plan.

Primary students are currently taught at Camargo Elementary and the Early Learning Center located in the former Mt. Sterling Elementary School building on North Maysville Street.

The ELC would then move into a transition facility in which the district would not be permitted to use capital construction funds to make improvements. The Montgomery County Board of Education would then have to decide the building’s future.

The LPC had previously considered building a new ELC.
Last month the LPC approved a draft of the latest plan that calls for the changes in the makeup of the district’s schools and submitted it to the Kentucky Dept. of Education. The KDE made some minor edits, but approved the plan, facilitator Don Martin from the Kentucky School Boards Association said.

The revised plan was approved by the Montgomery County Board of Education at a special meeting Tuesday night and a hearing officer appointed to oversee a public hearing. Martin received the appointment.
The hearing will have to be advertised in the Advocate in advance. The hearing officer reports to the local board a summary of the hearing.
After the hearing the plan will go back to the KDE to be reviewed within a period of up to 45 days before going to the state board of education for final approval.

Superintendent Matt Thompson was asked how soon the changes could be implemented.

Thompson had previously indicated that the new plan could be implemented in either the 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 school years. Thompson told members of the LPC he should know more by the end of January.

Brandy Holley, principal at MSE who also serves on the LPC, asked Thompson about the timetable so she can make future plans for the school.

The timing is important because the local school board would have to organize redistricting of the elementary schools.

Another factor facing the school board as it considers redistricting are projections of large student growth over the next several years.
Elizabeth Davis, a member of the LPC who was absent for the last meeting, expressed concern over the proposed changes. She questioned whether the plan is best for students and warned that there will be some upset parents.

A forum was scheduled after last week’s LPC meeting, but no one addressed the panel.

The LPC, which includes parents, teachers, administrators and a school board member, is required to complete an updated DFP every four years.