Saturday, November 28, 2020
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County's total COVID case count to date surpasses 300
By Jamie Vinson
Advocate Managing Editor

The Montgomery County Health Dept. has confirmed 26 additional COVID-19 cases since the Advocate’s last publication.

The total case count now stands at 311.
Of the 311, 31 are active, 276 have recovered and there have been four deaths related to COVID-19.

The latest cases were announced Tuesday, Oct. 6. The health dept. announced four additional cases Tuesday, with three of those connected to previous cases. The remaining case is not connected.

Monday, Oct. 5, the health dept. announced seven additional cases. Three of the seven are connected to previous cases; the remaining four are not connected.

The health dept. confirmed two cases Saturday, Oct. 3, which are not connected to previous cases.

Friday, Oct. 2, five additional cases of COVID-19 were announced. Four of the five are connected to previous cases; the remaining case is not connected.

In the Friday, Oct. 2 post, the health dept. noted that 17 people at that time were released from isolation, including everyone who previously tested positive at the Montgomery County Regional Jail.

The health dept. also announced five cases Thursday, Oct. 1. Four of those five are connected to previous cases; the remaining case is not connected.

In the Oct. 1 post on social media, the health dept. noted that at the time one of the Montgomery County residents hospitalized due to COVID-19 symptoms had been released from the hospital. Two residents remained in the hospital at the time of that post.

A day earlier, Wednesday, Sept. 30, the health dept. shared that three people were hospitalized and three additional cases of COVID-19 were confirmed. One of the three cases is connected to a previous case. The remaining two cases are not connected.

In order to be included in the recovered figures released by the health dept., at least 10 days must have passed since symptom(s) onset and at least 24 hours passed since resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and any other symptoms have improved.
Locally, to date, there have been no instances of re-infection—as in someone sick and 90 or more days later is sick again.

“At this time, any new positive test with symptoms that occurs at least 90 days after the original positive test is considered to be a re-infection. Isolation and quarantining of contacts will proceed, and the case will be counted. Any repeat positive test within 0-90 days of original test will not be considered re-infection,” information provided to the Advocate by the health dept. said.

The health dept. added, “We have had people recover from their initial symptoms only to experience symptoms again, sometimes more serious than the original symptoms. But that was well within 90 days.”
The health dept. is advising people to continue to follow guidelines.

“We want to remind everyone to not let your guard down and instead continue to mask up and practice social distancing to prevent serious illness. As we head into flu season, this is a good time to get your flu shot so your immunity is built up before flu cases begin to increase,” said Allison Napier, Montgomery County public health director.

In addition to practicing social distancing and wearing a mask, the public is advised to wash hands frequently, contain coughs and sneezes and stay home when ill. It is especially important to limit your exposure to the most vulnerable residents, including those 60 years old or older and/or those who may have diabetes, heart or lung disease, kidney failure, or other chronic major medical conditions.

The Montgomery County Health Dept. is offering free drive-through COVID-19 testing. You can get tested even without having symptoms. You do not need insurance or insurance information. To schedule an appointment for testing, call 497-2448. Phone calls are answered Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m.-noon and 1-4:30 p.m. The health dept. can confirm that more than 6,075 COVID-19 tests have been completed to date. While all positive tests must be confirmed, not all negative tests are reported so the actual number of tests would be higher.

All COVID-19 cases are reported to the Kentucky Dept. for Public Health. There may be a delay between when cases are announced in Montgomery County and when those cases are included in information released by the state. Information released locally will always be the most current information available. The Montgomery County Health Department is working with the Kentucky Dept. for Public Health to monitor signs of illness in the community; evaluate patients; and keep the public safe and informed.

Montgomery County Schools has a live COVID-19 case and quarantine dashboard that can be accessed from
As of Oct. 7, there are zero active cases among students attending in-person on the hybrid model. The number of contacts currently quarantined is 13. There have been zero ever positive cases since Aug. 31.

For students attending virtually, there are no active cases; 10 ever positive since Aug. 31 and the number of contacts currently quarantined stands at four.

For staff, there are two active cases; three ever positive since Aug. 31; and the number of contacts currently quarantined is three.

Windsor Care
Saturday, Oct. 3, Windsor Care Center shared that its facility had received one positive COVID-19 result from weekly employee testing. This employee will not return to work until cleared by the health dept., the facility said.
The Lakeview Unit of the nursing facility is now restricted. All residents will remain on the unit and eat in rooms until further notice. All family visitation has been canceled for the next 14 days.

“The employee was asymptomatic and had not had a fever, but out of an abundance of caution we are initializing this protocol,” Ruth Hackworth, administrator at Windsor Care Center, said.
The announcement of canceling visitation for 14 days came just a day after the facility shared on social media it had just completed its fourth full week of outside visitation. At the time, the facility said it was virus free in the resident and employee population.

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